the champion ribbon tho

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Jasper day eight,
All but one sutures removed
Vet said to get some Betadine and keep it clean and fly free

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He found a whiff of Lulu and spent about 10 minutes doing this. I’m just going to assume Eau d’Lulu smells great.

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Vet just left, took out most of Jaz’s sutures but left one in, she said that he’s just going to have to heal from the inside out now…hoping this healing hurries up! We all miss riding him :/

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Had a random evening ride last night with two friends, Rosie behaved pretty well as usual, Jasper was INSANELY upset that he couldn’t come with, I felt so bad for him.

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found on facebook. This poor woman came in to find her horse had been vandalized. They cut his mane, tail, and spray painted him. Why are people so mean? It’s only cosmetic, but it still takes a horrid person to do this to an animal. Happened near Rochester, NY. If any of my Tumblr followers has any idea or recognizes the mark on the horse, please help this woman find who did this:  Link here

Also, guys, this woman has PTSD and this is basically her therapy horse. Extra important to spread this around.

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MARWAN AL SHAQAB, arabian stallion. Photography from HORSES OF QATAR by Vanessa Von Zitzewitz.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t he one of the top stallions in the AHA right now?

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