BITS- this is a picture of my horse, Moose. Moose is green, very green, and arguably not even broke yet. Where he is boarded, my lesson instructor has permission to use him in lessons. This was the bit they were using. It’s called a corkscrew, and the ridges are very, very sharp.

There is also a picture of my horses mouth, three days after this bit was used. You can clearly see the cut, and how big it previously was.

This bit is a snaffle. Lesson is, not all snaffles are gentle. Know what is happening with your horse.

Dont really see why these bits have any place in a horses mouth… Ever

why the fuck is someone letting their horse being used in lessons when he isn’t broke with a bit like that

why is someone using a barely broke horse in lessons

why does someone think it’s appropriate to put a bit like that in the hands of someone taking lessons

or any fucking horse for that matter

what the actual fuck is wrong with horse people

That’s what I was wondering. Why is a green, hardly broke horse being used to teach people that don’t know how to ride in the first place?

I should have clarified that it’s on advanced riding lessons, where people have tons of experience. Not all lessons are for beginners, and people have to learn how to ride green horses somewhere, and IMO it’s better to do so in an environment supervised by a professional with experience than on their own.

advanced lessons don’t excuse the bit choice… esp for a green horse. why would you ever jump to this bit on a green horse? Why would you jump to a bit like this at all…

I think the real lesson is “know what your trainer is putting in your horses mouth.” 

the entire post troubles me. 

To add to this

I have a little project mare that I had a friend ride for me twice a week when school picked up and I just didn’t have the time to ride my main horse as well as her. I thought she was using the plain snaffle but she switched to a weird hackamore + very thin twisted snaffle:

 without telling me because she “though it would help”. I didn’t find out until i went out to ride to find her very head shy and bleeding on her nose. Needles to say, clarify what tack you want others to ride your horse in and don’t just assume they know! My poor mare had to help me learn that lesson the hard way. :(

Once a long time ago someone asked if they could take Jovie out for a trail ride while I wasn’t at the barn. 

I said yes. 

A few hours later I got a phone call, Jovie had reared up and nearly sat down on the rider. My first question: “What bit did you use”

Turns out, it was particularly harsh big shank western atrocity, not the bridle with the eggbutt snaffle very clearly labled “Jovie”. 

First I asked if rider was hurt. They weren’t. Then I chewed them out for switching out her bit and told them to never ask to use my horses again 

because who are you to change someone else’s horses bit?

Most people take the bit they choose for their horse very seriously. Beyond seriously. It’s picked for a reason and that reason SHOULD be the horses best interest…. to up and change it to something harsher? That’s a good way to get punched. 

That should be the real lesson. Don’t change someone’s bit unless they’ve told you to. 

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unspoken equestrian rule:
never cut the forelock

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cute sister post horse trial times

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this gif always cracks me up


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Charlotte Dujardin & Valegro

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Do you ever just sit on a horse and you feel like yes this is where the universe wants me to be this is where I belong

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Fuzzy Half Pad & Pessoa Saddle

April 2014

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we jump together cause yolo

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